Adapting Your Book into a Streaming TV Series course (Webinar + bonus docs)

Do you have a novel, short story collection, comic book or true story that you think could make for a great series on a streaming network? This short, simple course will guide you to make the big decisions that will lay the foundation for a great pilot script and a dynamic pitch document (the two things you MUST have to sell a show). It includes a webinar, a worksheet, an essay on the difference between movies and television, a sample beat sheet and two sample pitch decks that were used to sell big, hit shows. This is the best starter kit you can find to get you on the road to making your original TV series a reality.

3-Step Course Curriculum

  Welcome to Adapting Your Book into a Streaming TV Series by Daniel Calvisi, author of Story Maps. Follow the 3 lectures to view the video and to collect the documents.
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Enter the Streaming Universe!

You already have the underlying narrative that could be adapted into a compelling TV series for one of the many streaming platforms that are constantly putting out new content for hungry audiences all over the world. Get started on this journey with this short, simple course by Story Analyst, Author and former professional book reader Daniel P. Calvisi.